LaSha Mikea Sneed

In viewing and online advertisement on your website, I discovered that your company is actively seeking a part time security officer. Please accept this letter and attached resume as an expressed interest in exploring the possibility of obtaining a position within your company. In reviewing my resume you will note my diversified background, which includes:

Strong leadership qualities;
Exceptional organizational development skills;
Strong interpersonal abilities, strengths in administrative functionality, program planning and information systems.

What my resume cannot determine; however is the degree of enthusiasm and professionalism I will bring to your company. I’m a well-organized, detail oriented individual who works well under pressure and takes great pride in my ability to work efficiently, productively, and independently with all levels of management and with a full spectrum of personalities. In my previous experiences I have been afforded the opportunity to support Directors and a full spectrum of leaders. I have served as customer support, academic coordinator, and overall front office support. I have also been primarily responsible for the orchestration of special events and training initiatives.

Through my strong administrative skills, executive skills, education, ability to pay attention to details and love for people, I am confident that I will be a very strong asset to your company, and look forward to a favorable response. Should you find my qualifications applicable to any current or anticipated position requirements, please do not hesitate to contact me at the letterhead address and/or telephone number.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

LaShay M. Sneed