Lashawn Hunter

Miss. Lashawn Hunter
3506 Georgia Ave. NW # 501
Washington, DC 20010

Prince Security Services
Silver Spring, MD
April 1, 2016

Dear Management:

My name is Lashwn Hunter and I am interested in the position opening with your company prince Security service as Silver Spring md posting on Indeed. I have vast clerical knowledge from educational and employment experiences. I am a highly qualified candidate and I believe that I will add value to your company.

I have several years of educational experience in data entry and administrative assistant work as I earned my Associates degree in Accounting. From my previous employment, I have great skills in customer service and treating clients with care. I have a special interest in areas of Security service positions. I enjoy completing challenging tasks and I can be held accountable for a wide range of responsibilities. I would like to match my experience, skills, and great communication with your leadership and your team. I believe that with my skills and abilities I will increase the value of your company.

I have enclosed my resume for you review and I have submitted an application. I am looking forward to an opportunity to speak with someone from your department. I will follow up within the next week. If you deem that I meet all requirements, I am available for an interview. I can be reached at 202-322-3286 or Thank you for your time.
Lashawn Hunter