Latia Denise Fowler

To whom it may concern,

My name is LaTia Fowler and I am currently seeking an employment opportunity with your company. I have a copy of my resume attached for your review and consideration.
I am sure that this position will enhance my employment experience by granting me the opportunity to obtain the skills necessary to perform in a fast paced, multi-tasked and demanding environment. In addition, my background has afforded me hands-on experience and resources which have developed my knowledge and skills, making me a viable candidate organization. I am a highly trainable individual, a quick learner, ambitious, self-motivated, hardworking and very adaptable to change with a strong ability to perform well under pressure. I am detailed oriented, focused, and possess exceptional follow through on assigned tasks.

My previous employment opportunities have afforded me the experience to interact as a team player, as well as, working independently. Throughout my professional career, I have demonstrated an incomparable facility for meeting objectives, goals and demands and I am certain I would prove to be an asset to your company

Thanks in advance