Pierre Bolden

Dear Hiring Manager:

This position is a great opportunity for me to take advantage of while I am attending the college to continue my experience in the field of criminal justice. I am a highly motivated young male who seek for an opportunity to get closer to my future career goals. This career will allow me to enhance all the knowledge and skills I have learned throughout the years in the criminal justice field. Now that I have graduated from Prince George’s Community College with a degree in Criminal Justice Transfer Option, Gen. Studies A.A. I believe I am a great fit for the position because I already have experience in areas dealing with law enforcement. I was a part of Prince George’s Sheriff Explorers program to enhance my knowledge and skills of a law enforcer not just in general, but for high volume procedures. I have been working with a professional security company for two years including participating in Prince George’s County Police Department Ride Along Program. I am a quick learner. My strong work ethic and passion for law enforcement gives me the drive to complete any obstacle that comes my way. I trained on a daily bases with police procedures, officer safety, and radio etiquette. When I was a Supervisor/Assistant Manager at Pump It Up, I learned to become a leader. Supervise over 25 employees and defuse problems and situations daily. I enjoy working with team to get the job done. This is a job that will continue to help me to grow within my studies and in my career. I have no problem taking following directions and being a great listener. In addition, as a college student on my way to finish my degree I am highly motivated to receive more experience to help me in my future. I wear every uniform with pride and integrity. I exemplify leadership, desire of hard work and professionalism. I am always seeking for other training for improvement.

I know I am ready for the next step in my life to take on a job to use the skills that been taught. You can do a background check and drug test at anytime. Please call me on (301) 875-2594, or email pbolden.Post1696@yahoo.com, to schedule an interview or oral board with me.

Pierre T. Bolden