shalita gayle

October 10, 2015

Dear Human Resource

I am sending my resume in response to your need of a Security Guard at Prince Security . My expertise in monitoring and patrolling, and ability to take appropriate safety measures make me a great candidate for this position. Utilizing my keen eye and quick decision making skills, I would be able to contribute effectively to the Prince Security.

My diverse experiences in public safety arena has polished my protective, preventative and safety skills and provided me with a thorough understanding of potential threats. The proficiency which I developed through experiences to perform patrolling duties and handling emergency situations will be a definite asset for Prince Security. I have strong knowledge of all popular alarm systems and possess the ability to operate them accordingly.

Some of my most relevant areas of expertise include; performing safety inspections, directing traffic, and investigating and reporting any suspicious actions. With a deep understanding of all kinds of security procedures and protocols, I am eager to handle undesired conduct and potential violations and maintain order in the assigned premises.

As a proactive and vigilant security professional, I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss this position with you further. Please feel free to call me at (202)468-9557 if you need any further information regarding my qualifications and credentials.

Thank you very much for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you all soon.


Shalita Gayle