Stefany Avery

To whom, My name is Stefany Avery. Am looking forward working with your company. I was wondering do you have full or part time open. Am in school for my high school diploma. Am 24 years old I go to Living Wages it’s a adult education program that’s under Ballou Stay in Washington DC. I don’t have no idea when am suppose to graduate from the program. Am just need some security experience so when I finish my adult program I could go under homeland security. But I need year experience. But I would love to work for your company. I heard nothing but good things about your company. I don’t do any drugs, I don’t have any felonies on my record. I would love for y’all to contract me on my cellphone (202) 355-2557. I really need this job I make sure I work hard and won’t let you regret hiring me. I would be happy to do a interview if you want. I go to school in the daytime but if you need me to any shifts in the day or night won’t be no problem. I don’t complain about anything. Am easy to work with just show me how to do everything once I should have a hang on it so I won’t have to ask again. I have a friendly personality and easy to get along with. Will if you have any addition questions please feel free and contract me under any circumstances. I don’t have a drivers license, but I have a identification card with a address,my name,date of birth, ID number

Thank you again, Stefany Monique Avery