Tiesha K. Green

Tiesha Green
2704 Kirkwood Place
West Hyattsville, MD 20782

Dear Hiring Manger,
I am currently writing in your response to your advertisement for security guard position. If so I may be your next qualified candidate with my prior experience and skills in corrections and security. As listed below will allow you to see the duties I have held in both fields.
I have two years prior experience in corrections and one year and seven months of experience in security. My skills I learned from both jobs are almost similar, but for corrections I did proper pat down, check visitors coming through search, supervise inmates, make rounds, properly issues and receive keys, maintain security on doors, logging important information log books. For the security job I’ve learned to answer the phone, issue keys, monitor cameras, maintain security on doors, security checks and check in staff and visitors.
Without sounding to boastful I feel that I come to you with the skills as a good team player. I am available to schedule an interview with you to go over my resume’ and learn more about the company at hand. Please feel free to contact me at 434-774-9546 or via email at hislady87@gmail.com. Thank you again and I hope to hear from you soon.

Tiesha Green